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Wood Pallets

Wooden pallets are wood packaging made from several kinds of raw materials, in the form of pure wood / hard wood, triplex or multplex and MDF materials

In the field of logistics knowledge about the pallet is an important thing, because the pallet is closely related to warehousing activities, and is used as a place to store goods. The similarity in the dimensions of the pallet makes it easy to procure or design a shelf, in the purpose of using the length, width and height for temporary storage.

History shows that the use of pallets is long enough, the design of the early 2nd century was only adapted for storage and transportation of goods. This is due to the Forklift technology that transports goods vertically has not developed as it is today. Subsequently in 1926 along with the use of more modern Forklifts, the pallet was designed for vertical storage.

In the industrial world, especially the warehousing and logistics industry, there must be a board that sometimes becomes a mat when the product is in the production process, stored in a warehouse or when it is moved or sent to the customer. This mat is known as the pallet

This pallet has a very important role, without the mat called this pallet, production goods will not be easily moved, arranged in a warehouse and even the delivery process will be slow. For this reason, there must be a pallet if you want to speed up the production chain.

Selection of this pallet requires understanding in terms of how to use, the load to be loaded, the type and model of the pallet that is appropriate, and how good handling for the use of the pallet so that the pallet can be durable, not easily damaged.

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